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I’ve played quite a bit with the Active Directory Synchronization as this seems to be something that keeps failing. The annoying thing is that when it fails it fails badly. All you get within the user interface is:

Some user data was not updated because synchronization of the Enterprise Resource Pool partially failed on 19/08/2013 at 13:27. To identify where the errors occurred, see the ULS log for more details.

When you then look in the ULS logs there is a lot of infonoise and it can be tricky to find the actual clues.

My Solution

Hopefully this will help some people in finding the cause of the issue. First of all download ULS Viewer. You will have to run this on the server. Then click Ctrl-U and Ok. Filter for ULS viewer to only show messages in the Product Project Server and Category Resource.

Ok, now we’re getting somewhere. There are a couple of messages within the Log Level of High that contain the clues.

In my case I got the following messages:

PWA:…….., ServiceApp:Project Services Application, User:i:0#.w|DOMAIN\……., PSI: Cannot resolve user account i:0#.w|DOMAIN\……, LogLevelManager Warning-ulsID:0x00208085 has no entities explicitly specified. PWA:…….., ServiceApp:Project Services Application, User:i:0#.w|DOMAIN\…….., PSI: The resource ‘774777f9-8c9c-e211-9b77-005056992232’ with name ‘………’ could not be updated during Resource Synchronization because a duplicate Windows account name conflict occurred that could not be resolved: ‘i:0#.w|DOMAIN\………’, LogLevelManager Warning-ulsID:0x00216521 has no entities explicitly specified.

So what to do next. Check the user accounts mentioned in the messages in

  • Your active directory
  • The group used to synchronize users
  • Force Check-in Enterprise Objects in PWA Settings

When these errors occur sometimes resources are left checked out. This probably shouldn’t happen but it can be a great help in identifying the problem accounts.

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