Hyper-V – Degraded (Integration Services upgrade required).

Degraded (Integration Services upgrade required)

Today I noticed that my Hyper-V machines were showing Network status of

Degraded (Integration Services upgrade required).

Just like VMWare, Hyper-V also has VMWare Tools that need to be installed or upgraded. Only these are called Integration Services

So how do I install these Integration Services?

  • Connect to your VM (Hyper-V machine).
  • Ctrl-I or Select Insert Integration Services Setup Disk from the Action Menu. If Autorun doesn’t kick in go to your DVD drive on your VM and run the setup. After a reboot you will notice that the status of your network is set OK.

Important note: There is a known issue where Hyper-V Manager incorrectly reports “Update required” for Windows Server 2012 guest operating systems that use SR-IOV.

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