SharePoint 2013 – Update Features

Update Features

Today I needed to add some additional fields to content types. I heard about upgrade features before, but I never tried using this.

It was quite simple.

First I added a version number to the feature:


Then I added some Upgrade actions:

Now running an Update-SPSolution to install the new solution does … absolutely nothing to my site.

Your Solution

Each feature with upgrades need to have a feature upgraded.this can be done with the SPFeature.Upgrade() method.

So I created another feature, which upgrades my content type feature.

public override void FeatureActivated(SPFeatureReceiverProperties properties)


SPSite site = properties.Feature.Parent as SPSite;
if (site != null)

foreach (SPFeature feature in site.Features)

if (feature.DefinitionId.ToString() == “119ea7f0-da08-4d6b-8c0f-0706240bfc5a”)

// Upgrade the Contenttype and custom columns feature



catch (Exception Ex)

LoggingService.WriteTrace(“FeatureUpgrade”, TraceSeverity.Unexpected, Ex.Message);



Still quite a tricky problem.

When you run Update-SPSolution the new feature doesn’t appear. You first need to uninstall and reinstall the solution. This will now add the new feature. But now when I activate my feature again absolutely nothing happens.

I had to update the version number of my feature again


Run Update-SPSolution and my changes have come through after I activate my new feature.

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