This week 3 updates. One update is related to an update that was included in week 7.


25 February 2016 – Update on week 7 update

Updated feature: SharePoint Online theming

Microsoft is updating SharePoint Online to improve how pages are rendered. You’ll begin seeing this change starting February 26.

The changes that will be made are in how CSS is processed and loaded. Previously, the CSS was computed at design time, and the final CSS was stored in the database. The new changes store the theme setting and process the final CSS at runtime, in the client.

Most likely, you will not notice this change. Your SharePoint Online sites should continue to operate as they do currently. If you have customized your sites, you may experience issues.

If you have not done any customization to your SharePoint sites, there is nothing you need to do.
If you have customized the CSS file, you should not be impacted. There is nothing you need to do.
If you have customized the theme-able CSS, used an alternate CSS, or a CSS class override at run time, then you should not be impacted. There is nothing you need to do.
If you have a custom way of loading the CSS file, or have a script which relies on a specific path of CSS class (or loaded using link tags), then you may be impacted.

If you are experiencing issues with your customized SharePoint site, after this change is implemented, please click Additional Information to follow a conversation in our Office 365 community.

24 February 2016

Known Issue: Localization settings in Skype for Business
We have identified an issue with localization settings within Skype for Business.

If you attempt to change your localization settings within the Skype for Business service to a language other than English, or have previously adjusted your settings to another language, only English text will be displayed.

There is no action at this time. Microsoft are aware of this issue, and are deploying an update to the Skype for Business service infrastructure to remediate impact. This issue is expected to be resolved within the next 30 days.


23 February 2016

Feature update: Office 365 Admin app

Microsoft updated the Office 365 Admin app. You’ll begin seeing this change with the current version in your mobile app store. The Admin app updates will include:



  • Push notifications for ‘Plan for change’ Message Center posts
  • Read/Unread status for messages
  • Dismiss capability for messages

The Office 365 Admin app allows you to receive notifications, add users, reset passwords, create support requests, and more, when you’re on the go.

if you are not using it yet then download the app today

For more information on the app :

Now also try the Windows 10 app.




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