PowerApps – The Basics – Creating new PowerApps

Create an App

In this post I’m going to create a basic App based on a SharePoint custom list. I have already create a custom list and I’m creating an app form the menu  PowerApps -> Create an app.

A form appears where I have to supply a name for my app. PowerApps Studio will now start and PowerApps will now build my app and an empty form will appear.

To understand this form is important to get familiar with the PowerApps Studio Screens section.

This is where all the controls on the form are listed out. Any changes made to the form should have an effect in this list of controls.

Note that each control will have a name that might not always make sense. So it could be a good habit to rename all of these controls.

Within the Screens viewer there are a few screen controls that will appear on the initial forms:

  • BrowseScreen1
  • DetailScreen1
  • EditScreen1

These 3 screens are comparable with the list view, display form and edit form as we find them in SharePoint.

By clicking through these controls, it will become a lot clearer how the forms are build up.

All the different controls can be found in the insert Tab in PowerApps Studio.Controls that are available on PowerApps are:

  • Screens
    • Blank
    • Scrollable screen
    • List screen
    • Form screen
  • Label
  • Button
  • Text
    • Lable
    • Text Input
    • HTML Text
    • Pen Input ( interesting nes control for mobile devices and other touch screens)
  • Controls
    • Button
    • Drop down
    • Date picker
    • List box
    • Check box
    • Radio
    • Toggle
    • Slider
    • Rating
    • Timer
    • Import
    • Export
    • PDF Viewer
  • Gallery
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal
    • Flexible height
    • Blank vertical
    • Blank horisontal
    • Blank flexible height
  • Data table
  • Forms
    • Edit
    • Display
    • Entity form
  • Media
    • Image
    • Camera
    • Barode
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Microphone
    • Add picture
  • Chart
    • Column chart
    • Line chart
    • Pie chart
  • Icons
    • Many shapes, too many to list here.


With such a massive list of controls PowerApps looks very promising. In one of my following posts I will go through the controls and how to configure them.


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