Which flow run is related to my SharePoint list item or document

In one of my recent posts I mentioned the workflow function in Microsoft Flow. In this post I looked at which elements are needed to create the Url used by flow run.

With my two Compose actions I’m first collecting the flow details with the workflow function:


Then my second compose action will build up the Url using the concat function  collecting output from the details supplied by the first Compose action.


With this all in place I can now get the workflow history run of my flow. This I can now email to myself when something goes wrong making it very easy to identify the failed flows.

if you prefer not to use the Compose actions you can of course also simply include the following in an email set out to a user:

Pieter Veenstra

Business Applications and Office Apps & Services Microsoft MVP working as a Microsoft Productivity Principal Consultant at HybrIT Services. You can contact me using contact@veenstra.me.uk.

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  • I appreciate your time to blog this article. And this is a good tip when we are talking about these flows as they are not connected to the list items/documents like earlier SharePoint workflows. In a big organization where multiple instances of flows are running there is no easy way to track the specific flow instance. Its a hell. Thanks for showing a solution which is at least giving option to find that specific culprit flow ran.

    • In general I avoid variables when I can. You will find that when you use variables loops and concurrent branches will lock on the variable usage. Compose actions don't have these locks.

  • I can imagine creating a “workflow history” list (like in the good old SPD WF 2010 days) with this info. Is it possible to grab the status with this method, so I cannot just log the link to the history, but also the outcome of it?

  • Great stuff, thanks!

    There are a couple of ’ (end quote) characters that need to be ' (single quote) characters. They are after the first two instances of the word "Compose" in this section:


  • Excellent article Pieter,

    I’m using this approach now, to log failed flows together with a document number, so I don’t need to lookup the time when the flow ran to find the right failed flow.

    But I guess even with this direct link to the failed flow run, there still is no way (yet) to programmatically restart/resubmit one or more failed flow runs?


    • Hi Michel


      Have you tried John Liu's Flow Studio? It will help with bulk restarting flows.

  • Thanks Pieter for the article.

    It worked like a charm in quite specific use case. Note to anyone use it later, change the the "unitedkingdom" part of the url to your country. I.e. "australia". It seems to redirect to correct url even you put other country nonetheless.

    Thanks again.

  • I was looking for this solution for such a looong time.
    @Pieter Veenstra:
    The JSON syntax needs to be slightly modified. The

    outputs('Compose')['logicAppName'], // replaced ['name'] with ['logicAppName']

    Because my flow is a shared Power Automate flow, I needed to modify the

    '/flows/shared/', // replaced '/flows/' with '/flows/shared/'

  • Sorry, I made a minor mistake in my previous comment:
    '/flows/shared/', // shared only necessary if flow is shared
    outputs('Compose')['tags']['logicAppName'], // replaced ['name'] with ['tags']['logicAppName']

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