User guide to using the SharePoint REST API in Power Automate for no-code developers

Often I recommend to use the send HTTP request to SharePoint action in Power Automate. A lot of Flow users however struggle with the SharePoint REST API.

SharePoint REST API

In this series of posts I will go through all the API calls available within the SharePoint REST API for SharePoint Online. For all the API calls available Flow examples are included, the examples are maybe not flow optimized as I wanted to makes it as easy as possible for non developers to understand how to setup these flows.

The SharePoint REST API offers operations for:

  • Sites ( Webs)
  • Lists
  • List Items
  • Folders
  • Files

Additionally, the REST API also includes:

  • ODate query operations
  • SharePoint Data Structure
  • Item Synchronisation
  • Permissions
  • Batch requests

It would be impossible to write about all of these above in a single post. Therefore this post will serve as an index to many posts to come soon.

Sites ( Webs)

Get site details

Create a site 


Maintain SharePoint Lists using flow

List Items

Maintain SharePoint List Items using Flow


Create a folder in a document library


No posts yet, coming soon


Common Error Messages

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