Comparing dates with greater or less than

Microsoft Flow – Compare dates using conditions in the SharePoint connector

Microsoft Flow is great to create your business processes. Using conditions, you can move into different parts of your process depending on data that is found by your flow. All easy, but then you start looking at comparing dates and quite quickly you will hit some troubles.

I started by creating a Condition following the Manually trigger a flow trigger. I can now select the is greater than operation.

Compare Dates from a Manually trigger a flow trigger

No problem there.

Now I’m doing the same with a trigger in the SharePoint connector.

Comparing dates from a SharePoint trigger don't show all comparison operations

Hmm, there are very limited options there.

The solution is easy. (Thank you Serge Luca for the idea!)

ticks function on triggerBody

Now I just have to do add the ticks function to both sides of the condition. Suddenly all the comparison options appear. And now I can use all the options that I may need for date comparisons as the ticks function turns the dates into a number representing the date.

greater than comparison with ticks and dates







One thought on “Microsoft Flow – Compare dates using conditions in the SharePoint connector

  1. commented on June 24, 2019 by BigJoe

    Thanks for this! I was having a nightmare with dates from a Sharepoint list and using a condition, was getting all sorts of strange results but using the tick function fixed it.

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