Formatting your dates in PowerApps

A while back I wrote about formatting dates in Power Automate. Today it’s Power Apps time!

Dates in Power Apps

Dates in Power Apps are easy, or maybe not! When I looked at dates in PowerApps today and I set a label to Now() a date was displayed as expected in dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm format. This is all easy, but what if the dates come from SharePoint.

Getting the current date

I still get the same dates coming back. Ok, this is good, but how about calculated fields:

A SharePoint Datefield

Calculated SharePoint Dates in Power Apps

Calculated SharePoint fields are shown in a different way.

This is weird:

Calculated fields in SharePoint

Now the dates come back in a different format. How do I get the right date format back? The solution is easy. I had a look through my PowerApps Function as and Expressions post from a while back and found the DateTimeValue function

Formatting dates properly

All we now need to do is use the DateTimeValue function to convert the weird looking date format back to a proper date and time.

DateTimeValue('Calculated Date')

Formatting dates  in Power Apps using DateTimeValue
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