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Query json in Microsoft Flow

One of the important fundamental parts of Microsoft Flow development is understanding how  to query json. Some data is made available in part of the flow by an action and now you need to get to an element of this data.

Example json

As a simple example of json we can have data like this:
  "level1": { "level2": "data"}

Query json

Many people would now use the following syntax to query the json to get to the level2 data:


This would give you:

Json Data

Optimized query json

A similar query approach, with a slightly different syntax can be:


At first I didn’t really see too much of an advantage of using this syntax, but when you reopen the flow you will see the advantage straight away:

Showing query json syntax

Now compare that with the other syntax:

Compare Data Query

The query on the Compose json actually shows the elements that your flow will try query.



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