Get the version number of your app in PowerApps

Have you ever tried to get the version number of your app developed in PowerApps to display in your app?

This version number helps you check that your user is running the right version of your app.

Version number in Power Apps

With the following expression you can get the version number of your existing app.

Version number expression in PowerApps

In my case my app is call version and the following expression is used to get the number:

CountRows(PowerAppsforAppMakers.GetAppVersions(First(Filter(PowerAppsforAppMakers.GetApps().value,properties.displayName = "version")).name).value)

!Note! The PowerAppsforAppMakers connector was recently renamed and the following code is th the corrected version of the code:


CountRows(PowerAppsforMakers.GetAppVersions(First(Filter(PowerAppsforMakers.GetApps().value,properties.displayName = "version")).name).value)

12 thoughts on “Get the version number of your app in PowerApps

  1. This doesn’t work as I applied the line you gave above in a label… “PowerAppsforAppMakers” doesn’t exist. Can you give me some help?

  2. Thank you for the fast response. I was able to find the App Makers connection and add it. However, the name has changed from “PowerAppsforAppMakers” to “PowerAppsforMakers”. After applying that change, your function validates with no errors. However, I get nothing for the countrows function. Any further ideas?

    1. Hi Brad.

      Looking at the total expression, I would start to split this up and use labels and galleries to display part of the expression. Or withihn the overall expression you can select parts of it . PowerApps will show you a preview of the data.

      So where the full expression is:

      CountRows(PowerAppsforAppMakers.GetAppVersions(First(Filter(PowerAppsforAppMakers.GetApps().value,properties.displayName = “version”)).name).value)

      You could try and check the value of
      Filter(PowerAppsforAppMakers.GetApps().value,properties.displayName = “version”)

      and then

      First(Filter(PowerAppsforAppMakers.GetApps().value,properties.displayName = “version”)).name

  3. Hi Pieter, Thank you again for your quick response!
    So for simplicity, I put this line in the App::OnStart method:
    ClearCollect(GetApps, PowerAppsforMakers.GetApps().value)

    This runs fine and gives me 5 columns (Id, name, properties, tags, type) when I look at my collections. Unfortunately, I get no rows.

    I feel like I am missing something basic for this not to work. Any more suggestions?

    Thank you,

  4. Not a silly question. Yes, it has been published. When I look at the details of my app and click the Versions tab, I am up to Version 48.

  5. It appears PowerAppsForMakers.GetApps() does not get apps constructed from a SharePoint list form (i.e. [SharePoint list view] > Power Apps > Customize forms). Note that what Pieter shares above is a count of the number of versions for an app. This count should match the latest version number given in the version history because the numbers are re-calculated when a prior version is deleted. The real “version” number given by PowerAppsForMakers can be found with the following:

    First(Filter(PowerAppsforMakers.GetApps().value, properties.displayName = “[name of your app]”)).properties.appVersion

    Note that this doesn’t return a version number, but a version date instead. Also note the slight difference from Pieter’s guidance where he said to use “properties.displayName = ‘version'”. That “version” was placeholder text that needs to be updated per the name of the app being queried.

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