Search through all your Flow runs in Power Automate

Would it not be good if you could search run through all the output from actions in your flow runs?

You could implement something like  I use in my Try Catch flows and described in Which Microsoft Flow ran on my item? post. In this post I generate the run url for a specific flow run and store this with a list item or another data base.

There is an alternative way.

Flow runs in the Flow UI

When you look at your flow and a list of Flow runs is displayed it can be difficult to identify the right one.

If you now click on the All runs link.

Export the flow runs

You can export all the flow runs to a csv file.

When you open this csv in excel.

Then you will find the Power Automate Flow runs’ Urls, the error with which the flow failed. But that is not all. Every bit of output from each action is listed in this csv file. This now means that you can search for specific text. e.g. a username. Then find the relevant run url and you can then look at the run of the flow that you are interested in.



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