When you get started with Power Platform projects, you will quite quickly find all sorts of hurdles on your way. The Power Platform projects mentioned in this post may help you to get started in a smoother way.

Power Platform projects

In this post I’ve considered the following projects mainly published by Power Platform community leaders.

    • Power Platform Adoption Framework
    • Center of Excellence Starter Kit
    • Power Studio
    • Sancho Harker’s branding template
    • PowerPlatformConnectors

Power Platform Adoption Framework

The Power Platform Adoption Framework was started by Andrew Welch however there are now many other contributors to the framework. As described on the Power Platform Adoption Framework site:

The Power Platform Adoption Framework is the start-to-finish approach for adopting the platform at scale.

In the issues list many subjects related to implementing the Power Platform are discussed. In the source code you will find one PDF describing the whole process that you could follow as you want to implement the Power Platform  in your organisation.


Center of Excellence Starter Kit

The Center of excellence is a solution full of useful apps, flows and dashboards that your organisation can benefit from. The CoE was created by Manuela Pichler initially and is now widely accepted as a must have. The solutions are split in three areas:

  • Core
  • Audit and Report
  • Nurture

Core Components

These components provide the core to get started with setting up a CoE – they sync all your resources into entities and build admin apps on top of that to help you get more visibility of what apps, flows and makers are in your environment.

Audit and Report Components

The Audit and report component gather additional information about your apps from your makers, you might want to audit specific connectors or app usage.

Nurture Components

The nurturing part of the CoE is about sharing best practices and templates and on board your new makers.


Power Studio

Recently John Liu’s Flow studio was renamed to Power Studio. In the past I’ve described the tool and how it can help you manage your flows.


Sancho Harker’s branding template

The first time you see Sancho Demo the branding template you can only go WOW!

With this solution Sancho makes it possible for you to drag controls into your canvas app without the need to style your control as it takes the branding ‘automatically’.

A small example you can see in this video:



Have you ever considered developing your own connectors for the Power Platform? Has nobody ever developed the connector that you need?

The PowerPlatformConnectors project contains many examples of connectors that may help you avoid having to build your own. Also all the existing certified connectors are listed with their swagger files within this project on Github. Apparently contributions are welcome!



Your turn!

Are there any other Power Platform projects that you find really useful? Get in touch. Leave a comment below with your suggestions and I will be happy to upgrade this post to 6 Power Platform projects developers must know!

Pieter Veenstra

Business Applications and Office Apps & Services Microsoft MVP working as a Microsoft Productivity Principal Consultant at HybrIT Services. You can contact me using contact@veenstra.me.uk.

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