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Quickly edit data in your Common Data Service

When you use the Common Data Service as a data source it can be quite cumbersome to edit data.

Most of the times I used to just create a form in a Canvas App and then editing data is easy.

Creating some quick edit forms is okay, however if you just want to edit some data if feels like a development task that you could do without.

Edit Data related to an entity

There is an easier way to edit data.

The Edit data in Excel gives you the easy option to open the data in an excel table.

New Office Add-in

First you will get the New Office Add-in dialogue.

You could just quickly click on the Trust this add-in or if you are a bit more paranoia then have a look at the Details.

Sign In

Now you will have to sign in.

The nice thing is that your environment used will be recognised so there is no need to worry about that.

Publish your data

Now Excel will open the data for you and you can save the Excel spreadsheet when you are done.

Now you will find that the data in your apps using the data is not updated yet!

You will need to hit the Publish option shown above and your data is now updated in the Common Data Service.

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