What can I do with my Power Automate Licenses?

Do you know what you can do when you purchased Power Automate licenses? Or what does that Trial that you enabled give you?

Power Apps Plan(s)

In Power Apps the option to see which licenses you have has been available for a little while in the Settings menu under Plan(s).

This then gives me the underwhelming overview of my licenses.

But if you want to know more you will need to go to Power Automate.

Power Automate Licenses

Today I noticed the View My Licenses option when I went to flow.microsoft.com

This displays not only my licenses but also the capabilities that these licenses give me.

In addition to the features enabled for you you can also find out when your license will expire. Unfortunately this is only available when you use the Power Automate UI and not when you use the Power Apps UI, but maybe it will arrive in both one day.

Pieter Veenstra

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