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Failed to load in Azure Synapse Workspace

After last week’s post about how to configure Azure Synapse Link to export data from Dataverse into SQL Server, today a post about some issues. How do you deal witht he failed to load messages that users might get when accessing the data.

Failed to load

When users try to access the data, they may get the failed to load message. The supporting details of the error may say something like Failed to load one or more resources due to no access, error code 403.

How do we go about troubleshooting this issue?

The error message when clicking on the details will also include that there is something wrong with accessing any of the following:

  • Pipeline
  • Dataset
  • Linked service
  • Trigger
  • Data flow
  • SQL script
  • Spark job definition
  • Credential
  • Synapse KQL scripts
  • Lake databases
  • Apache Spark configuration

As I placed all the objects into a resource group, I checked the resource group permissions to include my user(s) that need to access the data.

I also checked what happened when I just click on ok, on the error message and compared this with when I access the workspace with my admin account. And quite quickly it is clear that I don’t have access to the databases.

So how do we give access to users accounts to the data?

Configure Access Control

First of all go to your Azure Synapse workspace, and then open the Synapse Studio

Then Find the Manage option and select Access Control.

This is where you can add other users and give them the roles that they need. Once you have given them access they can access the data.

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