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Welcome to my SharePains blog! You can find over 800 posts on my site. If you are missing anything then let me know.

Pieter Veenstra, author of SharePains

Who am I?

My name is Pieter Veenstra and I’ve been writing blog posts on SharePains for about 10 years now. It all started with posts about Microsoft SharePoint and over time I started to cover more and more Microsoft technology.

I work as a Microsoft Productivity Principal consultant at Microsoft Gold partner, HybrIT Services in the United Kingdom helping my clients make better use of the Microsoft cloud technology.

What do I do?

If you need help with Power Automate, SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Pages, Power BI, Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365 or Azure you are on the right site!

Have a look at the many posts that can be found on this site. Just some examples:

I’m also one of the two founding members of PowerApps4Kids. Do you want to know what that is all about then have a look at Power Apps 4 Kids and be amazed at how kids can build their own Power Apps!

It is never too early to learn something new and if you are one of the older kids then its never too late either.

What can you do?

If you want some help, click on the chat button below. If you find any useful content on this site then let me know. Or if you find some typos or mistakes then please leave a comment on the posts.

I just wanted to say this is the best, most comprehensive resource on Power Automate I have found, and that includes the MS Support and Documentation pages.The breakdowns of sections/subposts are logical and the screenshots/walkthroughs are incredibly useful. I just wanted to give you a big thumbs up and say thank you – THANKS!

David Roemerman, Founder of Roemerman Law

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