Office 365/SharePoint 2013 – Enable Intellisense of OfficeDev PnP

In recent months I’ve really started to like the OfficeDev\PnP initiative on Github. The following 4 projects give a great start for provisioning sites: It is now possible … read the office-365sharepoint-2013-enable-intellisense-of-officedevpnp post

SharePoint 2013 – Visual Studio – Remote SharePoint site connections are not supported.

My Problem Today when I tried to deploy my sandbox solution I suddenly got the following error: Remote SharePoint site connections are not supported. The site I tried to connect … read the sharepoint-2013-visual-studio-remote-sharepoint-site-connections-are-not-supported post

SharePoint 2013 – Workflow Manager 1.0 – How to publish a list workflow programmatically

So I had a reusable SharePoint Designer list workflow deployed in SharePoint 2013. The process that I’m implementing is creating project sites using web templates created in Visual Studio 2013. … read the share-point-2013-workflow-manager-1-0-how-to-publish-a-list-workflow-programmatically post