Get started with Power Automate

Are you new to creating flows and you want to get started with Power Automate?

Get Started links to Power Automate

Get started with Power Automate

In this section you will find posts that answer questions like

  • What is Power Automate used for?
  • Is Power Automate Free?
  • Is Power Automate the same as Microsoft Flow?
  • Do you have any examples in Power Automate?
  • How do I get started with Power Automate?

The following links will help you to be up and running in no time.

Introduction to Microsoft Flow (Video)

An introduction Mr Flow himself! Jon Levesque from the Microsoft team explains how to get started.

Microsoft Flow and PowerApps Q & A

Have you got any questions about creating flows of creating Power Apps? This is the list of answers that you have been looking for. Is your question missing then just putt a comment on the post.

Why do you use Power Automate and Power Apps?

Why would you use the Power Platform? It is quick and easy to develop any of your business solutions. In this post a lot more.

Flow tip use condition or the scope control to skip or debug flow actions

Are you using Scope actions? They are a great way to create boxes around a large number of steps and introduce error handling across multiple actions in one go.

Microsoft Flow Learning Materials

Microsoft has a great page with a lot of learning materials on it. These links will help anybody to get started with Power Automate.

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