The ultimate guide to Power Automate Connectors

In this section information about the Power Automate connectors.  I am trying to help you get familiar with a lot of them.

Power Automate connectors.
Power Automate connectors.

General Power Automate Connectors Posts

Power Automate is all about building flows and connecting to different datasources. With over 370 Power Automate connectors it is difficult to know them all.

The Ins and outs or triggers and actions

Triggers and Actions take input and give you output. How do you deal with all this information?

Connector limits

Power Automate Connectors have limitations that you have to work with. In this post a number of the important limitations

Connectors,more and better

3 discussion posts to improve the Microsoft Forms connector.

SharePoint Connector

SharePoint triggers and their limitations

The SharePoint connector is very important. This post is about limitation that I found on my way.

Which SharePoint actions follow the triggers

The SharePoint connector has many actions available helping you to automate your SharePoint based solutions.

What triggers all the action

The SharePoint connector has many triggers available that will help you get your flows started

Update multiple select choice fields in a SharePoint list

How do you update a multiple select field in SharePoint using Power Automate?

Trigger flows on specific fields only,using shadow lists

How do you trigger a SharePoint flow on a specific field? Trigger conditions will now help you. In this post I described an alternative as conditions weren’t available yet.

How to find your overdue tasks

How do you filter a task list to help you find overdue tasks?

Time to look at negative queries with oData

The OData queries for positive filtering is easy, but what do you do when you want a negative query?

How to clear fields in SharePoint list items

Setting fields in SharePoint can be difficult, but how about clearing fields. In this posts all the steps that you may need.

Dealing with multi select choice fields

Multi select choice fields can be difficult to handle. Some clues on how to do this in this post.

Filter queries in SharePoint get items

How do you filter queries in SharePoint lists using Power Automate.

Share photos or other files in SharePoint

When you have photos stored in SharePoint, you may want ot share these photos with people using Power Automate.

Set a people field in SharePoint when all you have is a user’s name

Compare dates using conditions

Update a hyperlink or picture field

Attention views, do you remember check-in and check-out

Uploading documents to SharePoint and using OneDrive sync

Looking for a hubby? Get it all hooked up with Microsoft Flow

Provision your online sites without any code

Handling calculated fields

Common error messages when using Send an HTTP request to SharePoint

Maintain list items for no code developers

Get site details for no code developers

Maintain list details for no code developers

Create a folder in a document library

CSOM throttling in the SharePoint connector

Error 429, rate limit is exceeddd try again in x seconds

Creating generatic flows usings the SharePoint connector

Setting multi people fields in SharePoint

SharePoint connector common error messages and their solutions

Updating a list item with a people field using REST API

Query large libraries

Get all your site collection details

Create a new sub site

When a file is deleted trigger

Create SharePoint list from XML

The pains of SharePoint multi people fields

Getting your SharePoint field values

create SharePoint list and get a Bad Request

Create a trigger on multiple SharePoint lists

Trigger on a document set

Updating a hyperlink or picture field

Project Online Connector

Automate your projects with Microsoft Flow and Project Online

Excel Connector

Add a row into a table in Excel with Microsoft Flow

Working with Excel, Excel and#Excel in Microsoft Flow

Approvals Connector

Microsoft Flow approvals, badrequest the request failed error code invalidapprovalsubscriberequestassignedtomissing
Request Sign-off in SharePoint Online

Get you manager to approve documents with Microsoft Flow

Do you have an approval process in Microsoft Flow? I’ve got 2!


Get your data out of emails using Parseur


How to make your flic button work with Microsoft Flow

Power Apps

Send your data form PowerApps to Microsoft Flow with less parameters
PowerApps Camera vs. Add Picture and get your images to Flow

Start your Microsoft Flow form PowerApps

SQL Azure

Using data in SQL Azure from Microsoft Flow

Common Data Service

Common Data Services or SharePoint lists


Is there any negative news about you?


Work with outlook tasks in Flow

Infobip, Nexmo, Twilio, Plivo & Telesign

So you get the SMS with Infobip, Nexmo, Plivo, Telesign or Twilio?


Do you process your invoices with Microsoft Flow and DocParser?


Generate PDFs from anything and a lot more


Manage your LinkedIn posts from SharePoint

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams actions in Flow


Microsoft Flow HTTP calling web services Xml vs JSON

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