8 complete Power Automate Tutorials

As part of the Power Automate, the ultimate user guide! you will find the tutorials section here.

Power Automate Tutorials

Power Automate Tutorial posts

Synchronize Shifts in Microsoft Teams with Calendars

Do you use Microsoft Shifts and would you like to synchronize your shifts with calendars? This post will help you get started to get your outlook calendars updated with the scheduled work in Shifts.

Populate Excel templates with Power Automate

Are you using Excel?

Well maybe you shouldn’t use Excel as a database, but as a reporting template tool it can have its purposes.

In this post I’m updating an excel templates with Power Automate using super fast Microsoft Graph calls.

Compare 2 Excel files using Power Automate

Another great Power Automate tutorial, helping you compare Excel files within seconds.

The optimized flow will help you compare multiple excel files that have been formatted as tables, ideal for Excel files that contain daily updates.

Get an alert when a new group has been created

Have you ever wanted to know when a new team or a new group is created in your organisation?

In this tutorial I’m explaining how you can use flows in Power Automate to send you and colleagues an email alert when a new group is added to your list of groups.

How to handle leavers in Power Automate

Every organisation will have people leaving every now and then, but what do you do if these users own flows? Somehow you need to be able to continue as normal if someone’s account is disabled. In this post you will find out how you can handle orphaned flows in Power Automate.

Create a new group alert

When a new team is a created in Teams or if someone creates a new group in any other way, how can you be alerted that this is being done?

In this flow a step by step tutorial on how create a flow in Power Automate helping you to get alerts?

Create a team from a template

Do you have team templates that contain multiple channels including private channels? Are you trying to copy an educational class team? This post will show you how to do this. This step by step guide in Power Automate goes through all the complexities of calling Microsoft graph from a flow.

Who is in the office tomorrow?

It can be important to manage the number of people in the office. If this is because you are hot desking or if it is to following the Covid Safety guidelines, in both cases you want to make it easy for staff to book their seat in the office.

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