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The ultimate #1 user guide to Power Automate

In the ultimate #1 user guide to Power Automate you will find many links to useful posts related to Power Automate. As the number of posts related to Flow and Power Automate has grown so much over the last few years I decided to call this the #1 most complete user guide to Power Automate page.

As I have been writing many posts about flow a lot of these links will help you find the older posts. I am happy to include any links to other posts from other authors. If you find anything that can really not be missing from this page then please contact me and I will add any good articles.

The user guide to Power Automate

Getting starting with Power Automate

Are you getting started with Flow? The above getting started link will guide you to a number of posts that will  help you take the first steps.

Creating flows

How do you create new flows? In these posts you will find information about creating new flows.

Start your flows

Now that you have created flows, it might help to learn about starting flows. How do you trigger your flows? In this section a few ideas to help you start your flows.


Flows are all about the datasources that you connect to. This section of the ultimate Power Automate user guide explains all about the many connector options available to you out of the box.

Custom Connectors

When the standard and premium connectors in Flow don’t do what you want them to do you have the option to create custom connectors. In these posts you can find out how to create your own custom connector.


Do you have any problems with connections in Power Automate then this section of this user guide will give you all the answers.


Over time I’ve developed many Flow patterns that I have used in Power Automate. Many of these patterns I have already shared on my SharePains blog. In this section a list of posts related to these patterns.

Migration to Flow

Are you still using SharePoint Designer and you don’t know how to migrate to Flows in Power Automate then this post will get you started.



Flows without expression do exist, however as soon as you build flows for larger business processes you will find that getting familiar with expressions becomes more and more important.

7 One line expressions that could help you in Microsoft Flow









Flow Designer

Most of my posts are about the development of flows. To develop flows you will have to use the Flow Designer tools provided by Microsoft in Power Automate. Below a list of posts about Flow Designer.





 Business Process Flows



Are you looking after Power platform environments? The following posts will help you.











Microsoft Flow – Free, P1 or P2 licences?

Microsoft Flow – Do you have a plan?


Does the Flow UI help you, but you need more? Then you might want to have a look at the following posts about tools that you can use.

Go Pro with Microsoft Flow and Flow Studio – Part 2

FLow-tastic bookmarker using Chrome extension and Microsoft Flow


Opinion Articles

I like to give my opinion on both things that work really well and things that could do with some improvement within the Power Platform. In this section an overview of my opinion articles on SharePains.

Do you have any content?

If you have any quality articles about Power Automate and you would like me to include links to your articles then please feel free to use the contact us form available on this site. I will be happy to add your posts to The ultimate #1 user guide to Power Automate