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Over time I’ve created many articles giving my opinion about Power Automate aka Microsoft Flow.

Opinion Articles

Are Microsoft Flow and PowerApps really only for citizen developers?

Do you think that the Power Power automate is really only for citizen developers? Over the last few years I’ve not seen any reason for coding anymore. Other than when I develop custom connectors for the Power Platform

Visio to Microsoft Flow is it going to help you?

Would you consider creating your flow diagrams in Visio before you convert your business processes in Power Automate?

Microsoft Flow – User or service accounts

Should you create flows using services accounts or should you use personal accounts?

Microsoft Flow is not just a SharePoint workflow engine

Power Automate is not just a workflow engine to support SharePoint processes. There are so many more data sources that can be used.

Microsoft Flow – This is the limit!

There are many limits that you may hit when you develop flows. In this post you will find some of them.

PowerApps and Microsoft Flow – Things you can’t do (yet)!

Although both Power Apps and Power Automate are great, there are some things that are not possible yet.

Microsoft Flow – Ideas that could do with some upvoting!

I need your help to get some ideas to be promoted into changes.

Microsoft Flow – The hidden gems, are you aware of all of these?

Many of the great features in Power Automate are not known to the many. This post will give you an overview of the hidden gems.

Microsoft Flow – Are you running out of runs with Microsoft Flow?

In Power Automate the number of runs used to be important. Nowadays it is less important however you might still want to be more efficient with your flow runs.

How do you handle timeouts in Power Automate

When you hit time outs in your flow connectors there are some techniques that may help you.

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