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As it is Microsoft Ignite week, new features are being added to all products. This post is all about comments in Power Automate

Notes vs Comments

We already had the option to add notes to actions, but now it is also possible to add comments to your flows in Power Automate.

New Comment to add comments in your flow

So what is the difference between notes and comments?

Notes can be added to an action and will remain part of that action, comments however are more like conversations related to an action. Even though you can add them to actions, the different conversations had are not particularly related to a specific action when you add them. But I noticed that when you reopen the flow the links become clearer. See later in this post.

Adding new comments

Adding new comments can be done using the New comment option as shown in the menu above. But they can also be added to the selected action, using the New button above the existing conversations.

Comments added to my flow

So this is a bit similar to comments in Word where you can discuss your flows now with colleagues.

Well, these comments are connected to actions. As you reopen your flow you will find the little comment icons right there in blue.

Comments in Power Automate flows Microsoft Office 365 image 12

And when you click on the icons the relevant comment is selected within the Comments pane.

Comments in Power Automate flows Microsoft Office 365 image 13

The nice thing is also that you can edit comments and delete a thread, but the best part is that you can resolve a thread.

Comments in Power Automate flows Microsoft Office 365 image 11

Use cases

And is in my opinion comments is a great new feature, as I’m working on a flow I often want to keep track of some thoughts. Things that still need to be sorted out, but while I’m working on other parts of the flow I just don’t want to forget! Now I can make my to do list straight in Power Automate.

Currently all comments need to be linked to actions and cannot cover the overall flow. But this feature is still in preview so plenty of time for small improvements.

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  1. Hey, so this was working for me, but now it’s disappeared. Any idea what happened? Do I need to “turn this on” somewhere?

      1. Can you elaborate on this a bit more. I to cannot see the new comment option. Do I need to turn something on you make use of this?

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