Power Pages – The ultimate user guide

Have you started looking at Power Pages yet? Power Pages is the new platform that let’s you build websites using the low code Power Platform.

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Introduction into Power Pages

After writing the Ultimate User Guide for Power Automate and Power Apps, over the last few years, I wanted to add a third user guide to sharepains.com., This time it is all about Power Pages.

Power Pages has been launched as part of Power Apps however when you get started with it you will find that it is a whole new product that requires a whole new set of skills.

Power Pages

Also known as Power Apps Portals this new platform will help you build portals that need to display data from your systems. So you could display data from Dataverse or SharePoint and display this on fully customizable pages.

Below you will find many articles on SharePains.com that will help you get started or solve issues that you may bump into as you develop your sites.

Get started with Power Pages

In this page you will fine all the steps to get started with Power Pages. If you need some help to get started and to setup your first Power Pages site then this post will be for you. From Power Pages templates to editing the pages and make basic adjustments.


Edit Pages in Power Pages

The next step is to edit pages. This post will help you to get started with your first page edits. From creating new pages to adding new components on a page, this page will help you shape your pages the way you want.


Components in Power Pages

Have you tried adding components to pages in Power Pages? Do you need a bit of help configuring the components? Some of the components are easy to configure, while some other ones can be a bit more challenging.

This is the post to read if you want to know more.


Create custom content instead of components in Power Portals

Have you started to create pages with components, but now you want to take the next step and develop your own custom pages?

this post will get you started with custom snippets and page templates.

Create custom content instead of components in Power Portals

Style your Power Pages

Once you have created your first pages you will want them to look differently. One of the changes that might need is to match the pages with your corporate branding guidelines. In this post you will learn how to do that.

Style your Power Pages the easy way

Advanced Microsoft Power Pages development with Liquid

When you want to take development a bit further you will need to look at Liquid. Liquid is the code used to customize your pages.

To learn more about Liquid, read my post on how to get started with Liquid.

Power Pages Tutorial – user targeted Power BI components

In this Power Pages tutorial I’m looking at creating dynamically build up pages that take Power BI configuration from a Dataverse table before rendering them on your pages.

user targeted Power BI components

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Application Lifecycle Management

How do you manage your environments for all your development projects. Do you do the same for Power Pages?

Read more about Application Lifecycle Management in Power Pages

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