Today I ran the latest version of the PnP PowerShell Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate Cmdlet to apply some templates and I noticed that pages weren’t updated.

Updating pages skipped

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I noticed the following warning after I enabled debug

PowerShell_ISE.exe Warning: 0 : 2017-01-25 10:50:55.3041 [Files] [12] [Information] Skipping upload of file ‘Pages\default.aspx’ to ‘Pages’. 1497ms 7b0362d0-b49b-4d71-

Why is updating these pages not happening?

Looking at the code responsible for the warning

bool isNoScriptSite = web.IsNoScriptSite();

if (SkipFile(isNoScriptSite, file.Src, folderName))
// add log message
scope.LogWarning(CoreResources.Provisioning_ObjectHandlers_Files_SkipFileUpload, file.Src, folderName);


I just created a new tenant and I hadn’t enabled scripting yet.

enable scripting to support updating pages

If you don’t want to wait 24 hours then  you can always attempt:

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