Office 365 – Communication sites are there

Today the communication sites arrived in my development tenant. After using Marc’s trick I was able to create a communication site.


All you have to do is select a design and supply a site name:

Ok, so what is so great about this? Other than the obvious look and feel!

  • New Web Parts
    • Hero web parts
    • News web part
    • Events web part
    • Document

The Hero Web Part is the biggest new bit here. It’s a page layout in a web part.


In each section you can add links with images and text


You can now create new good looking pages pages in less than no time!


And then there are a few other small changes 😉

I had to create a new page for this. Remember the new style pages only having a single column to add all your web parts on?

Well the page layouts are back. Or actually they are now section layouts.

For each section on the page you can decide how many columns there should be.

Ok, I tried adding a few columns and then add the hero web part. This made the hero web part only give me the single Tile layout, but I guess that might be what you would expect. This is all about being responsive.

So, in short this is an exciting time to look at all the new stuff Microsoft is delivering in Office 365.













2 thoughts on “Office 365 – Communication sites are there

  1. hi, thanks for the insight ! Do you know if we can add SPFX webpart and change some css / add javascript on existing page content 🙂 ? (script editor / content editor style )

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jeff,
      The new SPFx web part indeed work on the communication sites as well.

      I did notice that the SPFx Extensions (to get the header and footer) woiuld not work as the placeholders aren’t available on the page.

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