Sending out reminder emails flow in Microsoft Flow

Quite a common problem is to send out reminders when SharePoint list items or documents haven’t been modified for a while. The tricky part of this is that there is no trigger for ‘something happened a while back’.

Therefore the only trigger we can use is a When an item is created or modified then wait for a while. Collect the current details of the list item or document and then compare the current data with the trigger data.

The flow that will do this will probably look a bit like this:

Sending out reminders with a flow

In the above example I’m sending out an email for both modified and not modified documents. Most likely you would only have one branch of the condition send out an email, but for the example of this post it helps to document the options.




By Pieter Veenstra

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  1. When would you use this instead of using a schedule – recurrence trigger, with a filtered get items, and then for each item, send an email?

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