PowerPlatform Ignite the tour

This week was the first time the Microsoft Ignite the tour event came to London. I was fortunate enough to be involved in 3 sessions over two days. Looking through the list of speakers shown in Anna Chu’s tweet you can see how amazing this event is.

For me it all started with the Community Session about Admin and adoption in the real world. Together with Penny Coventry, Keith Whatling and Manuela Pichler, we spoke about PowerApps and Flow.

PowerPlatform Ignite the tour

In my session I focused error handling within Flow using my Try, catch and Finally pattern.

PowerPlatform Ignite the tour

Keith and Manuela then continued with governance within PowerApps.

PowerPlatform Ignite the tour

This was a great beginning of the first day of the 2 days Microsoft Ignite the tour event.

PowerPlatform Ignite the tour

The next day I started by attending a session by Chris McNulty about SharePoint and the PowerPlatform.

PowerPlatform Ignite the tour

After that the real day began with Penny Coventry talking about Microsoft Flow. She went through so many features, ideas and tips in 1 hours with almost 500 people in the crowd.

Penny Coventry at the Microsoft Ignite the tour

Then after helping Penny answer questions from the attendees I had to rush to my session about Custom connectors in Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and Power BI.

Microsoft Ignite the Tour

After a session with almost 300 attendees, it is only good to see tweets from Matt Beard and Ben Scott who have already taken advantage of my session. Matt is trying to get his connector certified, while Ben has created a custom connector to create a beautiful app in PowerApps.


I would like to complete this post by saying a big thank you to all the people who took the photos in this post, posted the tweets, attended my sessions and above all the co-speakers Penny, Keith and Manuela.

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