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Today I was battling with the Connection not configured for this service error.

Connection not configured for this service error.


Iv’e got an app in Power Apps that manages documents. And the different levels of access to the documents I’m controlling using AD groups. One of my flows is run while the app is starting, and this flow will get the groups that the logged in user is part of.

Iv’e got 3 versions of the app. One app in a Development environment, one in a Test Environment and one in a Production environment. All within the single tenant.

I’ve got 3 accounts

  • Developer
  • Test
  • Service

My Developer account is used to develop the app and flows.

My Service account owns the solution containing my flows and apps in the Test and Production

And my Test account is just a normal account that I use to test my app.

Test results

When I run my app as my test user in the development environment I don’t get the Connection not configured for this service error. But when I run the app in Test or Production the same user account does get the error message.

My flow is quite simple. There is only really one action doing some work and the other steps just reshape my data.

The Send an HTTP Request action will collect the user’s groups that they are a member of and then the rest of the steps joins the group names together in a single string of text.

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Permissions to run flows

I quite quickly found the following post on the community forums: https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/Using-Connectors/connection-not-configured-for-this-service/td-p/891993

The answer given help if all your flows cannot be run.

  1. Navigate to Power Apps Admin Center
  2. Selected the Environment you are working. 
  3. Click on Settings on top bar.  
  4. Go to User + Permissions >> Security Roles  
  5. Under the Security Roles, find the Basic User role , click on  ellipses (…) >> Edit
  6. Under Customization tab >>  Select Process >> assign Read access to the Organization
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But these steps didn’t solve the problem. In my case there were other flows that were running perfectly fine.

In this case there is actually a different problem.

I even, as a test only, made my test user a co-owner of my flow, but still no luck. Running the app kept giving me that same error.

I restarted my browser. Cleared cache ( not that any of this could possibly be the cause of the problem). I even started using the Power Apps monitor, but this tool doesn’t give any information on failed flow calls inn Power Apps

Fixing Connection not configured for this service error

Time to fix the issue.

The solution is actually quite simple

In my case there is only one flow failing out of many flows within my app. So in development I removed the connection for the failing flow.

Then I re-added the connection to the failing flow. And finally redeployed my solution and magically everything was working again.

It’s is a bit of a pain that the same error is generated for two completely different issues.

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5 thoughts on “Power Automate Flow run failed: Connection not configured for this service”
  1. Dear Pieter,
    thanks for this valuable post!
    how/where did you remove what connection of the flow?

    I have the following flow that brings up the above mentioned error. I see no connctions that I could remove…
    Trigger PowerApps > run a child flow (where I have connection references) > Respond to powerapp or flow

      1. it works now like a charm after removing and re-adding the flow in the canvas app. thanks a lot Pieter!

  2. Hi Pieter! Thanks for this – I’m having the same problems – I’ve removed and re-added the flow and am waiting for the user to retest.
    Is this caused by the App and Flows being in a solution?
    Neither the app nor the flows use dataverse as a data source, so I wouldn’t have thought I needed to make anyone a basic user. The app is shared with everyone, but the flows are using the service user credentials when running.

    1. HI Emma, the issue isn’t really to do with Dataverse. This problem happens when the schema of the flow changes. So either the input, output format or the connections that are used by the flows.

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