Power Automate, the ultimate user guide!

The ultimate #1 user guide to Power Automate

Power Automate is great, but do you need some help? On these pages you will find many flow examples and tutorials.

Power Automate

Power Automate background

On this page you will find many links to useful posts related to Power Automate.

As I have been writing many posts about flow a lot of these links will help you find the older posts. I am happy to include any links to other posts from other authors. If you find anything that can really not be missing from this page then please contact me and I will add any good articles.

Any articles that can help others I’m happy to include. It’s now up to you to suggest more articles.

1. Getting starting with Power Automate

The getting started section of this Power Automate user guide is full of posts and links to help you get started.

Power Automate icon

If you are a beginner in the world of flow development or if you are more advanced then this will be the place to start.

2. Creating Power Automate flows

Once you have got started you might want to have a look at different types of flows in Power Automate. It is important to understand how your flow is started and what that means for your flows.

3. Start your flows

On these pages there is a lot of information about starting flows using trigger steps.

Triggers start every flow. So if you want to get started with flows better take the first step first.

4. Connectors

Do you want to know more about connectors or do you want to create your own custom connectors then this section is for you.

One of the connectors in Power Automate is the SharePoint connector. Many posts in this section help you with all sorts of problems that you might face.

Other connectors that I’ve looked at are:

  • Project online
  • Excel
  • Approvals
  • Parseur
  • Power Apps
  • SQL Azure
  • Flic
  • Common Data Services
  • Twitter
  • Outlook
  • And so many more
Power automate connectors

With over 370 connectors in the Power Platform it is almost impossible to keep up with all the changes. Do you want to know about any new connection arriving? then please follow me on twitter. I send out tweets as soon as the new connectors arrive.

5. Custom Connectors

Are you ready to develop your own custom connectors? Or do you just want to understand how custom connectors work? Then this part of the Power automate user guide is for you.

6. Connections

Are you having problems with broken connections? then this post might be helpful for you.

Broken connections in Microsoft Flow.

7. Power Automate Patterns

This section is about some of the patterns tht I developed over time. The patterns include:

  • Try catch in power automate
  • Pieter’s method (the must have performance improvement for flows)
  • State Machine in flows
Try Catch Finally pattern in Flow

8. Migration to Flow

When you want to migrate from SharePoint Designer to Power Automate then this post will help you:

9. Functions and Expressions

Functions and expressions are very important in Power Automate. This section will help you master them

10. Power Automate Designer

The The Power automate designer or studio is changing all the time. New features are added and there is more and more to learn. In this section I’m trying to keep you up to date with all of it.

11. Business Process Flows

Have you started to use Business Process Flows? In this post I’ve created a first overview of the BPF system.

12. Administration

How do you keep track of all your flows? In this section of the user guide you will find many posts about how to administer your flows.

This can be from deployment of your flows from one environment to another but also bulk operations on flows. Not all the options available are always easy to find.

13. Licensing

Licensing and the Power Platform is a difficult subject. The posts below might be slightly out of date as the licensing has changed quite a bit.

Microsoft Flow – Free, P1 or P2 licences?

Microsoft Flow – Do you have a plan?

Often licensing becomes a problem after the Office 365 licences have been purchased and just before a major problem requiring premium features. the unexpected costs can run up quite quickly. Any advice needed? Feel free to concact me.

14. Tools

In this section of this user guide I’m describing some of the 3rd party tools that you might want to use when you develop flows. do you have other tools that should be included then please contact me and I will add your suggestions too.

Go Pro with Microsoft Flow and Flow Studio – Part 2

Flow-tastic bookmarker using Chrome extension and Microsoft Flow

15. Opinions

This is the section of the user guide that contains my opinion on many of the features in Power Automate.

I quite like to share my opinion. Feel free to discuss and agree or disagree. I’m always interested to hear what other people think.

16. Power Automate Tutorials

Quite a lot of my followers have been asking for Power Automate tutorials. Step by step guide to create your own flows. in this section a number of examples of flows built in Power Automate that will help you with common business problems.

If you can’t find your problem in the tutorials section then please feel free to get in touch and it might be the start of my next tutorial article.

Something missing in the user guide?

Are you missing something Power Automate related in this user guide?
Please feel free to contact me.

Is Power Apps more your thing then don’t forget to go through the Power Apps User Guide as well.