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In my first post about Flow Studio I looked at all the features in Flow Studio that come for free. In this post I’m showing you 6 reasons to spend 10 dollars per month to support John Liu’s development of this amazing tool.

The 7 reasons:

Pro Reason 1 – Admin overview of flows

With the free version of Flow studio you can look at all the flows that you have created.

All the flows created

With the Pro version however you have the option to look at all the flows including the ones that you don’t own, but can view as an administrator.

Flow Studio Admin option

Pro Reason 2 – Find multi owner flows

When there are multiple owners for your flow you can recognize these flows with the 6 people images in the owner field.

Number of owners

It would be nice to get peoples photos here. But that is something for a future version.

Pro Reason 3 – Find library/list shared flows

Do you make use of library permissions to control your permissions in Flow? In the example below I used the permissions on my Vehicle Docs library to control permissions on my flow

Library Permissions in a flow

These are appearing as a clear blue set of people in the owner column.

Library Permissions in a flow shown in Studio

Pro Reason 4 – Get Run Details for a flow

When you click through on a flow you will find further details on a flow. You can now for example filter your failed and successful run and you can also see how long a flow took to run. Potentially a failure of a long running flow could point towards a time out somewhere and a Flow that fails straight away could mean that your trigger wasn’t configured properly.

Run details shown in Flow Studio

Pro Reason 5 – Find your flows

When you use Flow Studio Pro you can search for anything mentioned in your flow.

Flic button with FLow Branding

In the below example I searched for flic as I wanted to find all flows that use my flic button. As you can see below the triggers included in my search as 3 out of 4 flows use this trigger.

The HTTP Webhook -> Send an email(V2) flow had the word flic in the email body. Wow this is definitely a reason to go Pro. You can find in now time the right flow. This probably isn’t too important when you only have 1 or 2 flows, but ones your organisation has adopted Microsoft Flow  like my customers have done you will want this feature

Finding your flows in Studio

Pro Reason 6 – Manage your flows

As mentioned earlier in Part 1 of this series with the Pro version of Flow you can manage your flows a lot better.

Manage your flows in Flow Studio

Just a few option that you will notice are:

  • Edit JSON  – fix your flows by editing json. Note that you should not do this if you don’t know how to fix things!
  • Rename Actions – Have you ever had the problem that you forgot to rename your actions and you were stuck with the default names as your flow is already using that name?
  • Version history – With version history you can compare and restore previous versions of your flow.

Version history and flows

Pro Reason 7 – Support John and help yourself

Flow Studio Logo

Finally there is the most important reason. You want more! John is actively developing this solution and he is always looking for your ideas to improve Flow Studio.

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By Pieter Veenstra

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2 thoughts on “Go Pro with Microsoft Flow and Power Studio – Part 2”
  1. I would be interested to know more about what you mean (at “Pro Reason 3”) by “…make use of library permissions to control your permissions in Flow”. Is there a post somewhere where you discuss this topic further?

    1. Hi John,

      When using the Pro version the permissions will who with those blue people to indicate that the permissions on the flow have been set using library permissions. It is quite a nice quick overview for all your flows when you want to see how permissions have been set up.


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