Microsoft Flow – Get your flow to trigger on the creation of a Document Set

Today, I was asked about triggering a flow only when a document set is created. I started by enabling Document sets on my site. (note that this is a site … read the microsoft-flow-get-your-flow-to-trigger-on-the-creation-of-a-document-set post

Office 365 – SharePoint Online – Out of the box web parts on Team and Communication sites

Recently Microsoft has added a lot of new modern web parts to SharePoint Online. So if your approach is to keep customisation to the minimum then you might now find … read the office-365-sharepoint-online-out-of-the-box-web-parts-on-team-and-communication-sites post

Update Hyperlink or Picture fields using Microsoft Flow

Today I tried to update a field that contains a URL field (AKA Hyperlink or Picture). To update these kind of field you would normally have to set the field … read the microsoft-flow-updating-hyperlink-or-picture-fields-using-microsoft-flow post