Office 365 – SharePoint online – Content approval gives too many warnings

For one of my customers I enabled content approval on a list. This should all be quite easy. I simply went to the Versioning settings of the list and I … read the office-365-sharepoint-online-content-approval-give-too-many-warnings post

Office 365 – SharePoint Online – Compare different versions of a document.

Most likely you are aware that it is possible to have version control on SharePoint libraries. Most likely you will also know how to get to the Version History option … read the office-365-sharepoint-online-compare-different-versions-of-a-document post

Visual Studio – Git failed with a fatal error: repository ‘xyz’ not found

Today in Visual Studio I tried to clone a repository and I got : Git failed with a fatal error: repository ‘xyz’ not found After a bit of trial and … read the visual-studio-git-failed-with-a-fatal-error-repository-xyz-not-found post

Office 365 – Create a new SharePoint Online team site and …. I’m lost in a black hole!

Today I tried to create a new team site and I first noticed a slightly different message once my site ‘finished’ created. So I clicked on Next   Waiting for … read the office-365-create-a-new-sharepoint-online-team-site-and-im-lost-in-a-black-hole post

Create a feedback form with SharePoint Online and Microsoft Forms

After my last week’s post Feedback is important, but please don’t bother my users, I thought about creating a feedback form within the modern experience of Office 365. I’m going to … read the office-365-create-a-user-feedback-form-within-minutes-with-sharepoint-online-and-microsoft-forms post

Office 365 – Updates to team sites, Is Microsoft trying to deliver end solutions or a framework?

Today, Microsoft announced some changes to the modern team sites. Over the last few months we all got used to the modern team sites: According to the announcement today Newly … read the office-365-updates-to-team-sites-is-microsoft-trying-to-deliver-end-solutions-or-a-framework post

Office 2016 – The Document Information Panel has been removed, but it is back now!

You might have noticed that The document Information Panel was removed in MS Office 2016. Or more likely you probably never really missed it. Do you remember this section that … read the office-2016-the-document-information-panel-has-been-removed-but-it-is-back-now post

Microsoft Bookings – Yet another baby added to the Office 365 family

Today I noticed the following in my Message Center in the Admin Center of Office 365: Microsoft today announced that Microsoft Bookings will be available for your users. It is … read the microsoft-bookings-yet-another-baby-added-to-the-office-365-family post

SharePoint – Are you ready to migrate from Office 365 to Office 365?

Within SharePoint Online many things have changed over the last year. It is very likely that if your users are using SharePoint that they still use traditional SharePoint pages. there … read the sharepoint-are-you-ready-to-migrate-from-office-365-to-office-365 post