SharePoint 2013 – Workflow Manager 1.0 – How to publish a list workflow programmatically

So I had a reusable SharePoint Designer list workflow deployed in SharePoint 2013. The process that I’m implementing is creating project sites using web templates created in Visual Studio 2013. … Read More

Unexpected error occurred in method ‘GetObject’ in SharePoint 2013

I’m using Workflow Manager 1.0 and SharePoint 2013 with SharePoint Designer workflows and I got an Unexpected error occurred in method. Unexpected error occurred in method Today I got the … Read More

SharePoint 2013 – Update Related Items in SharePoint 2013 using SharePoint Designer Workflow

Today I wanted to update a list item’s related Items (I renamed the Related Items to Secured Comments in my list)  field. I’m using the Update List Item action and … Read More

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