Office 365 – Azure – Running PnP PowerShell using Azure Functions

One of the great new features in Azure is Azure Functions. Azure functions will let you run PowerShell scripts at a very low cost within an Azure tenant.  In this … read the office-365-azure-running-pnp-powershell-using-azure-functions post

The content pack is temporary unavailable …

For quite a while I’ve been creating demo tenants on As a Microsoft Partner it is easy to create a new tenant However today I found that the recommended … read the office-365-sharepoint-demos-microsoft-com-the-content-pack-is-temporary-unavailable post

Office 365 – SharePoint – SPFx – There was a network problem

In my adventures with the new web parts I ran into the following error when I added my web part to a page: Something went wrong If the problem persists, … read the office-365-sharepoint-spfx-there-was-a-network-problem-this-may-be-a-problem-with-a-https-certificate-make-sure-you-have-the-right-certificate post

Office 365 – SharePoint – Create a Client Side Web Part using SPFx and CDN

Recently Microsoft have released the new Client Side Web Part technology with the new SharePoint Framework (AKA SPFx). In this article I’m going through the steps on How to create … read the office-365-sharepoint-create-a-client-side-web-part-using-spfx-and-cdn post

SharePoint – PnP – Github – This branch is 245 commits behind SharePoint:master.

So I’ve setup repositories for PnP projects. As a real PnP Enthusiast I’ve clones all the PnP repositories. For each branch I’ve cloned my own fork. Git bash will show … read the sharepoint-pnp-github-this-branch-is-245-commits-behind-sharepointmaster post