Error code: ‘InvalidApprovalSubscribeRequestAssignedToMissing’.

Today I ran into the following error, after I found the following request on the Flow community site.   BadRequest. The request failed. Error code: ‘InvalidApprovalSubscribeRequestAssignedToMissing’. Error Message: ‘Required field ‘assignedTo’ … read the microsoft-flow-approvals-badrequest-the-request-failed-error-code-invalidapprovalsubscriberequestassignedtomissing post

Power Automate – Read large Excel files within seconds without creating tables using Microsoft Graph

In Microsoft Flow it is possible to use the Excel connectors to read data form a spreadsheet. When you want to read large Excel files you might run into issues. … read the microsoft-flow-read-large-excel-files-within-seconds-without-creating-tables-using-microsoft-graph post

SharePoint – Install-SPUserSolution fails on slow or busy systems

Sometimes you run into an issue that is difficult to resolve. Recently I’ve been running a PowerShell script that needs to create 6000 site collections and even more sub sites … read the sharepoint-long-running-powershell-migration-scripts-fail-on-install-spusersolution post