Error code: ‘InvalidApprovalSubscribeRequestAssignedToMissing’.

Today I ran into the following error, after I found the following request on the Flow community site. BadRequest. The request failed. Error code: ‘InvalidApprovalSubscribeRequestAssignedToMissing’. Error Message: ‘Required field ‘assignedTo’ is … read the invalidapprovalsubscriberequestassignedtomissing post

Power Apps – Screen templates, now this is a feature that I really like

Power Apps templates One of the difficulties with Power Apps is to get started. You could of course start by using one of the Application Templates. Although these may look … read the powerapps-screen-templates-now-this-is-a-features-that-i-really-like post

Power Automate – Read large Excel files within seconds without creating tables using Microsoft Graph

In Microsoft Flow it is possible to use the Excel connectors to read data form a spreadsheet. When you want to read large Excel files you might run into issues. … read the microsoft-flow-read-large-excel-files-within-seconds-without-creating-tables-using-microsoft-graph post

SharePoint Attention Views and check in/out with Power Automate?

Recently Microsoft introduced Attention Views in the modern SharePoint look and feel. Introduction to Attention Views If you don’t know what Attention views are please have a look at Tracy … read the sharepoint-online-microsoft-flow-attention-views-do-you-remember-check-in-and-check-out post

SharePoint – Install-SPUserSolution fails on slow or busy systems

Sometimes you run into an issue that is difficult to resolve. Recently I’ve been running a PowerShell script that needs to create 6000 site collections and even more sub sites … read the sharepoint-long-running-powershell-migration-scripts-fail-on-install-spusersolution post