Add-PnPFile – format-default : The collection has not been initialized

Today I tried to upload a document to SharePoint Online using the Add-PnPFile command from the PnP PowerShell. Add-PnPFile -Path $path/DocumentTemplates/MyTemplate.docx -Folder DocumentTemplates -Web $web -Values @{Title=”MyTemplate”;FileLeafRef=”MyTemplate.docx”} This resulted into … Read More

Office 365 – SharePoint – Are workflows important?

In SharePoint there are many different options for workflows. Microsoft and Microsoft partners have invested a lot of time creating different sorts of workflow solutions. For the more experienced user … Read More

SharePoint Online PnP – The object is used in the context different from the one associated with the object.

Today  one of my colleagues was trying to create a list item in SharePoint Online using the PnP PowerShell. Adding an item to a list He was running the following … Read More

Office 365 – SharePoint Online – Creating counters in your refinement panels.

Office 365 – SharePoint Online – Creating counters in your refinement I found this article in which Microsoft describes how to create refinement panels with counters A couple … Read More

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