Microsoft Flow – When a file is created or modified (properties only) has been extended

Recently a new set of triggers was added to the Microsoft Flow SharePoint connector as I described in  When a file or item is deleted triggers post. I did not realize that … Read More

SharePoint Online – Are you still using classic lists, try to drag a document into a group!

Every now and then I discover one of those features in SharePoint Online that is just awesome! Today I dragged a document into a library with a view that had … Read More

SharePoint Online – Are your lists/Libraries failing with more than 5000 items/documents?

Recently I’ve had a library with roughly 8000 documents and my REST API was failing to find documents that weren’t in the set of first 5000 documents in the library. … Read More

SharePoint Online – 5000 documents and the library is full, well it might be or maybe not kind of bug

Today one of my Office 365 customers mentioned to me a problem with copying files. When copying files they got the following message: But this Sorry, we couldn’t get the … Read More

Microsoft Flow is not just a SharePoint workflow engine

Over the past years many SharePointers got used to SharePoint Designer workflows. The SharePoint Designer workflows were connected to SharePoint lists or content types and some event in SharePoint would … Read More

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