OneDrive for Business vs SharePoint – Synchronizing folders in libraries

When I use OneDrive for Business  to synchronize documents in my SharePoint libraries I have found some differences between Office 365 and SharePoint on-premises. OneDrive When I look in my … read the onedrive-for-busniness-vs-office-365-vs-sharepoint-2013-synchronizing-folders-in-libraries post

Office 365 – Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate with publishing pages

Today I tried to apply a PnP template to a publishing site and I was getting the following error. Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate : The object specified does not belong to a list. … read the office-365-apply-pnpprovisioningtemplate-with-publishing-pages post

Office 365 – Web parts in modern team sites in office 365 – Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote the first part of the new web part included in the new team sites. In this post I’m looking at the other web … read the office-365-web-parts-in-new-team-sites-in-office-365-part-2 post

SharePoint – Nintex – finding the number of actions left on your license

Nintex workflow has a number of different ways you can license their products. For on-premises installations Nintex have had a server based license for a long time. Since Nintex Workflow has … read the sharepoint-nintex-finding-the-number-of-actions-left-on-your-license post