Today the announcement of a new admin center preview appeared in my Message Center.

The Message linked to the an article on the tech community from Stephen Rose, Director, OneDrive Product Marketing.

Once the OneDrive admin center has been deployed you can access it through:

So what can you do in this new admin center.

The dashboard for the admin center and will show recent Office 365 Message Center posts and usage reports related to OneDrive for Business.

It will help admins gain control over how and with whom your users are sharing information. This includes controlling the use of external sharing and anonymous links, as well as limiting which external domains users can share with.

Admins can block syncing of specific file types and deny syncing to non-domain joined PCs.

Admins  will be able to set default storage limits and document retention durations.

Admins have control over how and from where a user can access their files. This includes allow/deny access from personal devices or specific networks as well as rich Mobile Application Management Intune policies for iOS and Android.

Admins can find quick links to the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center for key scenarios like auditing, data loss prevention, retention, and eDiscovery.

So I tried going to the new admin Url and it looks like I’ll tstill have to wait for a little while. But things seems to be on their way.



So watch this space…


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