SharePoint – Nintex – finding the number of actions left on your license

Nintex workflow has a number of different ways you can license their products. For on-premises installations Nintex have had a server based license for a long time. Since Nintex Workflow has … read the sharepoint-nintex-finding-the-number-of-actions-left-on-your-license post

SharePoint – Implement DocuSign electronic signatures with Nintex workflow

In some of my projects at hybrIT Services,  I’ve been using SharePoint 2013 to digitally sign documents with DocuSign. In this article I’m describing how DocuSign works and how to … read the sharepoint-docusign-how-to-implement-electronic-signatures-within-a-nintex-workflow-with-docusign post

SharePoint 2013 – Nintex – How to include the workflow link in display templates

Today, I’ve build a nice Nintex list workflow to manage the approval of incoming requests. On the SharePoint list I’ve got a Manage requests column that gives me a link … read the sharepoint-2013-nintex-how-to-include-workflow-link-in-display-templates post

Nintex – Coercion failed: Unable to transform the input lookup into the requested type

Today, I was trying to update a list item with some data using the Update listitem action in Nintex and I got Coercion failed: Unable to transform the input lookup … read the nintex-coercion-failed-unable-to-transform-the-input-lookup-into-the-requested-type post

Office 365 – The HTTP request has timed out after 200000 milliseconds

Yesterday I was using the PnP Provisioning Engine to deploy a SharePoint Designer workflow and I got the following error: [ERROR] Apply-SPOProvisioningTemplate : System.TimeoutException: The HTTP request has timed out … read the office-365-the-http-request-has-timed-out-after-200000-milliseconds-system-net-webexception-the-request-was-aborted-the-request-was-canceled post

Office 365 – Nintex delete items reporting: Unable to find list item to delete.

Today I created a workflow that needs to delete all documents matching certain criteria in my SharePoint Online based document library. So I simply dragged in the Office 365 delete … read the office-365-nintex-delete-items-reporting-unable-to-find-list-item-to-delete post

SharePoint 2013 – Nintex – Store Task ID in Collect Data Task, Request Approval and Request Review

Nintex Tasks Nintex Workflow has various actions that create tasks: Request Data Request Approval Request Review Assign Flexi task Assign to-do task Store Task IDs in All of these actions have … read the sharepoint-2013-nintex-store-task-id-in-collect-data-task-request-approval-and-request-review post