Getting SharePoint field values in Power Automate

Getting the field values out of SharePoint with Power Automate requires knowledge of both Microsoft technologies. Variables or Compose When using Power Automate to trigger on SharePoint list items I … Read More

Microsoft Flow – Create SharePoint list item and get a BadRequest

Have you tried creating a SharePoint list item using Microsoft Flow? Did you get the following error: A value must be provided for item. clientRequestId: 61c098ee-52bd-44ef-94b8-e58b38158a39 When I played around … Read More

Microsoft Flow – Create a trigger on multiple lists! SharePoint Designer workflows can’t do this!

Have you ever wanted to create a flow in Microsoft Flow where you trigger on multiple lists? So if you create a list item in one list or an other … Read More

Manage your Microsoft Flow solution in production and development

Once you have started with Microsoft Flow in your production environments you will find that you want to update those Flows without affecting the existing production flows. Small changes you … Read More

Delivering Low Code Applications with Flow and PowerApps

In this post I will discuss Delivering Low Code Application with Flow and PowerApps. Microsoft Office 365 offers many options for developing business solutions. We’ve successfully delivered solutions ranging from … Read More

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