Make the title field sortable in search web parts

When you want to make a title field sortable in SharePoint you will hit some issues. I’m not going to introduce the Search web parts in SharePoint in this article. … read the office-365-making-the-title-field-sortable-in-content-search-and-search-results-web-parts post

Office 365 – SharePoint – The new Document Library look and feel – A complete overview

After yesterday’s post about the new site contents in Office 365, today the new document library look and feel. It has been around for a little longer now and I’m … read the office-365-sharepoint-the-new-document-library-look-and-feel-a-complete-overview post

Office 365 – SharePoint – Update list items using PowerShell

The PowerShell commands of the PnP Framework have many useful commands that help you manage SharePoint online. One of these commands is the Set-SPOListItem Command. Set-SPOListItem –Identity <ListItemPipeBind> [–ContentType <ContentTypePipeBind>] [–Values … read the office-365-sharepoint-update-list-items-using-powershell post

Office 365 – SharePoint – Team Site or Team Site – SharePoint Online Configuration

In the good old days of SharePoint 2007 site templates were the common way to deploy your intranet solutions. And even if you didn’t use farm solution to provision your … read the office-365-sharepoint-team-site-or-team-site-sharepoint-online-configuration post

Office 365 – SharePoint – Views in the new document libraries and quite a bit more

Today I had a play with the new document libraries. I had a look at the different options within the views. The following options are available: List Tiles View in … read the office-365-sharepoint-views-in-the-new-document-libraries-and-quite-a-bit-more post

Office 365 – SharePoint – The Records Center – All the different elements

Introduction In my previous post I mentioned how to create the records centre. Now I will look at the different elements in the record center. In this series I will … read the office-365-sharepoint-the-records-center-all-the-different-elements post

Office 365 – SharePoint – Content Search web part not displaying any data on E1 plan

Today a bit of a strange issue. I’ve got a Content Search web part with custom display templates. I’ve split my Control and  Item display templates into separate folders. My … read the office-365-sharepoint-content-search-web-part-not-displaying-any-data-on-e1-plan post