So the new Site Contents page has arrived. In this post I’m going through the options.


Left hand NavigationLHNSiteContents

The Left hand navigation space is used by the search box and the Recycle bin (Also available in the top nav).

The Left hand navigation still seems to be a bit of a waste of space but there is likely more to appear here soon.

Welcome Message

Similar to all the other new features that Microsoft adds to their products the welcome message also appears in the site contents. Once you’ve clicked on the Got it button the message will stay away.



The Header is now replacing the in SharePoint 2010 introduced ribbon.


When visiting for example  the Style Library the same look and feel is used but different options will appear:


Similar to the old style site contents it is possible to create new lists, libraries, add apps or create a sub site.


Each of these options still use the same forms as before. So not much has changed here.

Also the options for Site Workflows and Site Settings and Recycle bin are similar as before. Just a new interface to get to the same pages.


Well what is new then?

Usage overview

In the site usage overview some new bits have arrived:

On a daily basis the number of site visits and Trending content overviews are updated.  SiteOverview

Additionally some tips are given. These are all quite basic helping the beginning users to find their way through SharePoint:

  • Add a new page
  • Change site logo and description
  • Adding a list
  • Adding a document library

Nothing Major there. And there is no way to get rid of these tips as the site contents page cannot be branded at the moment.

So I waited a day:


There are a few more option now.

Clicking on the View report links gives an overview of the document activity within the site.


Site Overview

All lists and libraries and sub sites are now listed on the page in a new fresh look


The new look now lets uses toggle between sites and the lists and the libraries using two tabs.



Microsoft is also interested in your feedback. A button has been added to make it easy to give your feedback:

Feedback (2)

Return to classic SharePoint

Then finally there is one more options in the bottom left:


This button changes the url of the page from:

https:/ /


https:/ /

giving me the old site contents back.

One important note. Once you switched back to the old interface there isn’t an option to go back to the new interface! Unless …  you read Paul Matthews’ Article

The Urls

What does that view=15 mean? well 15 isn’t the version of SharePoint. The number seems to be changing every now and then. As I’ve also seen ?view=14 for the same site. Maybe Microsoft is updating/testing different versions of the new look and feel. No it is a lot simpler.

When you click on the Content/Subsite tabs the number switches between 14 and 15.

More new look

By Pieter Veenstra

Business Applications and Office Apps & Services Microsoft MVP working as a Microsoft Productivity Principal Consultant at HybrIT Services. You can contact me using

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