Office 365 – SharePoint – Creating a publishing portal site collection

I’ve created a new tenant today and when I look at my site I’ve got a team site at my https:/ / url. I would like this to be a … read the office-365-sharepoint-creating-a-publishing-portal-site-collection post

Office 365 – Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365

Microsoft has launched a new tool to fix issues with Office 365. It’s easy to download and install on a PC from the following link.   Well the name … read the office-365-microsoft-support-and-recovery-assistant-for-office-365 post

Office 365 – SharePoint – Display Error: The display template had an error.

 Today in one of my new tenants I got the following errors in my search result web part: Sorry, something went wrong. SHOW DETAILS HIDE DETAILS When I opened up … read the office-365-sharepoint-display-error-the-display-template-had-an-error post