Microsoft Flow: The field ‘FieldName’ is not supported in query. The lookup list is in another web.

For one of my projects I’ve been using a SharePoint lookup field called MapRef. This is a lookup field that was created within the top of the the site collection … read the microsoft-flow-the-field-fieldname-is-not-supported-in-query-the-lookup-list-is-in-another-web post

Migrate to Microsoft Flow from SharePoint Designer practical examples – part 1 – Clone list items

After yesterday’s post about migrating from SharePoint Designer to Microsoft Flow I will start today with a series of posts with practical examples of losing the Work in your Workflow … read the microsoft-flow-migrate-to-sharepoint-designer-practical-examples-part-1-clone-list-items post

How to migrate from SharePoint Designer to Flow or Azure Logic Apps

Recently I’ve looked at many SharePoint Designer workflows and migrated them to Microsoft Flow or Azure Logic Apps. There isn’t really a set approach that will work for all but … read the microsoft-flow-how-to-migrate-from-sharepoint-designer-to-flow-or-azure-logic-apps post