SharePoint 2013 – Exception calling “SystemUpdate” with “0” argument(s)

I’m trying to update some items in a list and I’m using systemUpdate in my PowerShell to do the update so that workflows and event handlers aren’t kicking off. $item.SystemUpdate() … read the exception-calling-systemupdate-with-0-arguments-the-file-has-been-modified-by-domainusername-on post

SharePoint 2013 – Update an External Data field using PowerShell

Update an External Data field using PowerShell The situation is as follows. I have created an external list (using BDC/BCS in SharePoint 2013). My external list is called “External Users” … read the sharepoint-2013-update-an-external-data-field-using-powershell post

SharePoint 2013 – The shim execution failed unexpectedly

I created an external content type in SharePoint 2013 and now I’m trying to read the data from my external list using PowerShell. I am  connecting to a SQL Server Database … read the sharepoint-2013-an-error-occurred-while-enumerating-through-a-collection-the-shim-execution-failed-unexpectedly-could-not post