When I use OneDrive for Business  to synchronize documents in my SharePoint libraries I have found some differences between Office 365 and SharePoint on-premises.


When I look in my file explorer I get 3 options:

  • More OneDrive sharing options
  • View Online
  • Choose OneDrive folders to sync


Today I’m looking at synchronizing at a folder level. So my OneDrive gives me the option to synchronize files at a folder level. So that I can exclude some folders.


SharePoint Document Libraries

Now I compared this with Document Libraries in SharePoint ( both on-premises and in Office 365).

There is only one option available (The “>” doesn’t work)


So is there a way to synchronize at a folder level when using SharePoint document libraries?

First I updated my sync client: Install the previous OneDrive for Business sync client with Office and SharePoint


Ok, that now seems to be working better, but there is still no option available to synchronize at a folder level.

My next attempt is to use the new team sites. So I created a new team site/Office 365 group and I started synchronizing my document library.


Ok, that’s not great.

Following Hans Brender’s advice, after installing the latest sync client from here: https://onedrive.live.com/about/en-us/download/ This problem went away. But I’ve still only got a working solution for a cloud based SharePoint.


So so far the only option I have found is SPSync where I can select the folders that I want to synchronize.


The only downside that I have found is that it is extremely light weight. The user interface. All is controlled through some options in my system tray.


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