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Today, I’m having a look at Microsoft Teams’ conversations. Last week, I tried to create posts within the conversation section of Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps and I found that I hit a few limitations. Well a lot of this is still in preview so some limitations can be expected.

First, I’m going to have a look at conversations.

Multi line

Have you noticed yet that it is possible to create multi line messages? I’m sure you have tried typing a message hitting the return key and finding that you’re message is posted rather than the empty line that you expected.

Well there is some help with this. Of course you could just write a message in Notepad and then copy paste the message, but you will find that your mentions will not work.

You can simply use the following two icons to toggle between the multi line advanced edit mode and the normal mode:


Then now the next icon in the list of available options, attachments. You can now attach documents form another team or channel, OneDrive, Google Drive or you can simply upload another document from your computer. To make it even easier you can even use the Recent list. this Recent option is quite amazing when you look at it in more details. This recent list doesn’t just include documents that you have uploaded to Microsoft Teams, but also document that you uploaded to for example OneDrive.



The mentions is one of my favourite options available within Microsoft Teams’ conversations. Of course it is obvious that you can mention a person, or a team, but you can also mention a channel this is an easy way to point people to the right location within your team.

Ok, there is one more thing that we can mention. When you type ‘@’ Microsoft Teams comes with another suggestion.  Directly from a conversation you can add new bots.

Although the Mentions can be great one of the big missing options is still the inability to copy past posts and keep the mentions active. The same issue with the integration options of Flow and Logic apps is also a major issue. Hopefully this will get sorted out soon.




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